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About Beauty Care Choices
Authorized Salon

Since 2004 Beauty Care Choices (formerly Hair Care Choices ) has been the online resource for shoppers looking for their favorite salon products and having them conveniently shipped to their home or business. Beauty Care Choices expanded their selection from professional hair care items to now carrying skincare, cosmetics, nail care, and many other specialty items for all your beauty needs. Yet, nothing else changed in our company. Beauty Care Choices is the same great team, management, and owners providing award winning customer service and licensed cosmetologist shopping assistance.

For over 10 years Beauty Care Choices has taken pride in helping shoppers locate products that they once found in a salon and now can't locate the item because the salon moved or they moved or the salon is no longer carrying the products or numerous other reasons. All products sold at Beauty Care Choices are purchased directly from the manufacturers and/or their distributors. We always have the latest freshest products available. We keep all packaging current and do not sell old or discontinued items. If you have a product you are trying to find in a brand that we carry but you don't see it on our website, please give us a call 866-409-7227. It may be that we have the product in a new package. You would be surprised how often packaging changes happen in beauty.

Beauty Care Choices is an authorized online salon that offers professional consultations over the phone and email with licensed professionals. That is what makes us different from any other online retailers of salon products. Many of the products we sell say on the bottle 'sold in professional salons only'. This means they are not intended to be sold on ebay, Amazon, a drugstore or by a distributor that does not operate a salon. These professional manufacturers want people trained who are current on education to make the best recommendation for the client. If their products aren't used correctly they will not perform as intended.

Beauty Care Choices is known for its fast shipping times. If you are struggling to find a product that is no longer available at a salon near you, then trust Beauty Care Choices as your authorized online salon. We offer free shipping options and easy returns. 98% of all orders arrive at your door within 3 days of placing the order anywhere in the USA.